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We believe that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program. When your body works the way, nature intended, your spirit soars--and so do you. Everyone in our office, from our receptionist to your chiropractor, has one goal in mind--to help you feel better fast. We know that when your body isn't in top shape that your entire outlook on life can be affected. That's why you'll always be greeted with a smile here and leave with an even bigger one on your face.


Don't worry, Dr. Adonis will educate you on your spine today.

Please don't take chances with your health. Get a wellness plan that's easy to understand and follow-through; this is key to good health all through your life. Make chiropractic a cornerstone of that plan, and you're well on your way to living a life that's active and free from pain. Chiropractic is a central component of any health and well-being plan. We know this better than anyone and can make chiropractic fit into any lifestyle.

Spreading The Love

Easy Reach Chiropractic doctor and staff get the work done. You will leave our office feeling brand new.

At Easy Reach Chiropractic, we understand the necessity for proper and personalized care for our trusted patients. We provide treatments that go beyond traditional chiropractic standards such as acoustic compression therapy, cold laser, decompression, electro-therapy, trigger point, and massage, to name a few. Those therapies, combined with our other personalized services, ensure that our patient's injuries are taken care of with the highest quality care. ERC, we enjoy educating our patients and interns with knowledge on life free of pain and agony. We also aim to teach everyone that step foot in our establishment to empower them with the information and tools they need to live a healthy normal lifestyle.


Dr. Barbara Adonis

Dr. Barbara Adonis: Unique modalities are what separates Dr. Adonis from many other Chiropractors. She prides herself on providing the very best care for her patients, ranging from newborn to the elderly, and developing individualized treatment plans for each patient, in contrast to a standardized method. FAMU is where she earned her bachelor's in biology, minor in chemistry. She went on to graduate from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, earning her degree as a Chiropractic Physician.

Dr. Adonis always had the ambition to impact the lives of others, and thus she chose Chiropractic medicine to heal not only the body but also the mind.  After initially starting her career in a shared space in Boynton Beach, Dr. Adonis went on to open Easy Reach Chiropractic on her own in 2014. Her office is conveniently located in Lake Worth, Florida, directly off I-95, making it easily accessible to all.  

Dr. Adonis is very active in the community, giving back on many levels. She is certified through Palm Beach County schools to offer advanced education to medical academy students, additionally offers complimentary sports physicals to student-athletes. She also hosts a school supplies drive every year for students in need, ensuring children are equipped with the necessary tools to learn.

Easy Reach staff continues their work by committing themselves to specialized services, such as providing meal assistance to those less fortunate in the community in their spare time.  Dr. Adonis and her staff make it their number one priority to ensure that every patient who enters the office feels welcome and comfortable. Easy Reach Chiropractic welcomes new patients daily, with the ability to provide same-day scheduling.


Louna J.

Louna, the office manager, is ready to take care of you.

Louna Jean-Claude was born and raised in Lake Worth, Florida her whole life. She graduated high school at the age of seventeen with her cosmetology licensed, then became a customer support agent for Microsoft and Xbox.  As the years went by, Louna continued her education in the medical field as a medical assistant. Now a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant and office manager at Easy Reach Chiropractic.

As the Office Manager, I organize and coordinate office administration and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and safety. I'm responsible for developing intra-office communication protocols, streamlining administrative processes, inventory control, office staff supervision, and task delegation.

As an energetic professional, I don't mind wearing multiple hats. Experienced in handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks and able to work independently with little or no supervision. Well organized, flexible, and enjoy the organizational challenges of supporting an office of diverse people.

Basic Pharmacology • Basic X-Ray • Capillary Puncture • CPR Certification • EKG • Infection Control • Vital Signs • Laboratory Safety • Medical Back & Front Office Procedures • Medication Administration • Phlebotomy • Physical Examinations • Sterilization • Urinalysis • Business Administration-Management • Drug screening certified • HHA Certified • Medical Assistant Technician. 

Lupita A.


Lupita was born and raised in Florida. She's been a Florida resident for over eighteen years and has been an employee at Easy Reach Chiropractic since 2018. She graduated from Boynton Beach Community High School and continued to become a Licensed Chiropractic Assistant and specialized receptionist.

Lupita currently attends Palm Beach Community College in Lake Worth, Florida, pursuing her Associate's degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry.  Lupita plans on continuing her degree in Chiropractic. Lupita loves to help others and give back to the Spanish community. Lupita is of Hispanic descent. 

In her spare time, Lupita likes to spend time on the beach, go on outdoor adventures, and find new and exciting ventures. She also likes to shop, read, and write in her spare time. Lupita has many qualities that represent who we are as a work-family. She is fun-loving, energetic, charismatic, and committed to the overall health of each patient.  

Jeffery B.

Do you need an appointment? Let Jeffery schedule you today.

Jeffery B. Jr was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Boynton Beach High School in 2016 as a distinguished academic student. His most accomplished course load was in mathematics, where he excelled because of his love for calculations.
He is currently attending Palm Beach State College. 

Jeffery is majoring in Computer Software Engineering, in hopes of eventually obtaining a Bachelor Degree to start a career in computer programming. Aside from his major in computer science, Jeffery earns his D and G license in his spare time. 

Jeffery plans on working for PBSO to help keep our community safe.  
Jeffery began working here at Easy Reach Chiropractic in 2015. Being qualified in data entry and certified in billing, as well as coding, Jeffery ensures that all of the day-to-day filing and operations are fully functional. Jeffery enjoys playing sports in his free time and is an exceptional basketball and football player.

Jamie B.


Jamie B. was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He graduated from Boynton Beach High School in 2018 as a highly rated academic student. His most accomplished course load was in Government, History, and Mathematics, where he excelled because of his love for calculations and Political History.  He is currently attending Palm Beach State College. 

Jamie is majoring in Political Science, in hopes of eventually obtaining a Bachelor's Degree to start a career at Lynn University for Law.

Jamie enjoys playing sports in his free time and is an exceptional basketball and football player. Jamie loves to educate and mentor the young boys and girls at his former school in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Desaray G.

Are you in pain? Desaray will get the kinks out of your muscles with our therapeutic massages.

Desaray has been practicing for five years in the Palm Beach County  Florida locations. Desaray is certificated in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Swi-Thia Massage, Cupping, Prenatal Massage, and usual Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. 

Desaray works at Easy Reach Chiropractic, LLC, for the past two years, and in her spare time, she is a traveling massage therapist. Desaray loves making a difference in the people's lives she touches; that's why she is an excellent asset to our company. 

Easy Reach Chiropractic Care Philosophy

The foundation of Easy Reach Chiropractic's Philosophy is circulated around the concept of Vitalism. This concept indicates the universe is connected to our bodies on an organic level, displaying conscious, self-evolving, self-maintaining, and self-regeneration. This is indicative of the idea that our bodies utilize innate intelligence to communicate with the environment, developing and changing to coordinate its immediate needs.   
Generalized health and wellness are the core foundation of Chiropractic care, based on a holistic approach to explaining how the body can self-heal in response to conditions that threaten our health. Easy Reach Chiropractic utilizes spinal manipulation, physiotherapy, and other modalities to assist patients with vertebral subluxation. 

Let's talk about Subluxation and how it affects your body.

Let's talk about Subluxation and how it affects your body.